Be the Change You Wish to See

What I’m really trying to say…. As I pondered this prompt (Thanks Mardra!) and thought about what type of information I’ve been putting out in the universe lately, I had to pause.  For those who don’t know me, (and maybe to some who do) my writing may appear to lean toward the negative. Am I […]

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2 Cent Tuesday – Why Do We Give?

One of this week’s top stories has been about Jeremy Meeks.  If you happened to miss his name, he’s the guy whose dreamy blue eyes convinced women to make his mug shot go viral.  Thousands were so enthralled with his looks that the facts behind his arrest didn’t seem to matter.  While I’ll admit, he’s got […]

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2 Cent Tuesday – Special Olympics

This week, my Twitter feed was loaded with photos and comments on the 2014 USA Special Olympics games. We raise the Special Olympics flag for everyone who dares to dream, all the world to see #2014USAGames @SONYinfo — Onolee Stephan (@onolee_s) June 15, 2014   It got me thinking about how there are two […]

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