Team Josh

Josh and I talk a lot about the two of us being a team.  We’ve had that recurring conversation since he was small.   He seems to gain confidence in himself knowing that I need him sometimes and it also makes him feel safe when life gets a little scary.   Our birthday celebration today […]

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Josh’s Big Day!

  Josh had another celebration yesterday with our extended family.   Josh is one lucky man to have so many people who love him!   He had chicken (his favorite!) for lunch, then bowled and ate pizza and french fries, then went back to Mamaw and Papaw’s house for cake, ice-cream, and presents.   It […]

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Happy Birthday Josh!

It’s officially Josh’s birthday!  Hard to believe he turns 26 today.   He’s always loved birthdays – his or anybody else’s.  Any excuse for him to wear a funny hat and sing.  If there was cake involved that was a plus.  Presents have never been that important to him, but he’s always extremely grateful for whatever […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t remember much about the day Josh was born, at least not all of the details like other mothers seem too.  What I do remember is the overwhelming sense that everything was going to be different once he was here, better.   I knew in my heart that he would be a boy.  I also […]

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