“My Dance Is My Prayers”

[Full disclosure: I have been compensated for writing this post.] We all have our own way of worship and prayer. Josh does too. Some people doubt that people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities can really have a relationship with God, but one summer day, Josh put my mind to rest. During a day […]

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Theory Meets Reality – Again

From the archive: Originally posted 4/24/13 This morning I had another taste of “theory meets reality.” Cautious or Over Protective? This next month will bring two important dates for someone important to us.  It’ll be a year since our friend had what doctors call “the widow maker” heart attack, and he’ll turn 50.  I vividly […]

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Make it a habit….

From the archive – Originally posted 2/6/13 Me:  (As he’s leaving the room)  Hey Josh Josh:   (He waits a moment, then comes back in) I’m still here.  Yes Mom. Me:   I love you Josh:  (Laughs)  You always say that!  I love you too. He thinks it’s funny, and that I’m silly,  but at […]

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Ya just never know….

From the archive:  Originally posted 1/21/13 Me: “I think we should clean your room.” Josh: “Why?” Me: (hmm..) Well, your birthday’s coming up. Don’t you want a clean room on your birthday? Josh: “Yes! Yes I do.” Me: (wow… that actually worked.)

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Josh is born! (Our beginning)

Welcome Josh! (and the snow) Initially written and posted Januay, 2013.  Re-posted today as part of the #NeverAlone campaign on @Lettercaseorg When Josh was born, I was 20 years old and single.   I was thrilled and prepared (or so I naively thought) for what that meant.   I was also completely ignorant about the path my […]

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