“My Dance Is My Prayers”

Josh dancing at a church picnic

[Full disclosure: I have been compensated for writing this post.] We all have our own way of worship and prayer. Josh does too. Some people doubt that people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities can really have a relationship with God, but one summer day, Josh put my mind to rest. During a day … Continue reading

Strange Bedfellows – Gary Owen, Race, and Disability

Clown feet

It’s not new. Comedians seem to think that any- and everyone is fair game in the name of humor. If a comedian can claim knowledge or kinship with a certain disability or group, that makes it all the more acceptable. (Supposedly.) The latest assault by a comedian upon the intellectual disability community opens up three … Continue reading

Transcript – Gary Owen, Tom Joyner

Male host: “Hey man you got protested last week in Baltimore? Signs, marchers, protestors.” Owen: “Signs, all that. He’s a bully.  Well, here’s what happened. Last January my Showtime special aired called “I Agree with Myself.” And it still comes on every now and then but basically you have to see it on demand. And, … Continue reading

President of NEA Says Teachers Have to Adapt Curriculum for the “chronically ‘tarded and medically annoying”

Lily Garcia - NEA President

There’s an article making the rounds on Facebook with the title “Plane passenger asked teacher a rude question about her job. Her response is PERFECT!” The video featured comes from the YouTube account of the Campaign for America’s Future with this description: “National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García explains the vital work of public school … Continue reading

2 Cent Thursday – When the Truth Hurts

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

This one couldn’t wait until Tuesday – I hope you’ll forgive me. Two articles recently published in The Daily Mail (UK) have caused a great deal of hurt in the Down syndrome community.  I’ve always believed in the notion that each person has a right to their own perspective – their own truth.  Along with … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday – Advocacy for Rich People

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

Today’s post is not about a particular issue in the news.  It’s about an observation I’ve made over time.  A perspective I’ve gained from going from working full-time in fairly decent paying job, to becoming a full-time, stay-at-home caregiver for my son.  It’s about the way advocacy seems to only work for those who can … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday – #Ferguson #JusticeForEthan

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

Based on my own experience, I can’t help but see the shooting of Michael Brown and the aftermath as a complex issue – one that not only involves race, but also something else.  Professor David Perry has been calling it the “cult of compliance” – the need to comply with police, or else.  There seems … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday – Nanu Nanu

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

  Suicide is selfish. How could he do that to his family? He was so funny, how could he be depressed? He had everything, what is there to be depressed about? It must have been drugs, alcohol, his career…   Yesterday, the world lost a very talented human being; someone who had the ability to … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday – Ethan’s Legacy Continues

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

We Will Not Forget   I haven’t written about Ethan in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still think about him every day.  My life is forever changed by the events of January 12, 2013 and at the NDSC conference I got to meet families from all over the country who feel the … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday – What’s Happening in New Jersey?

2 cent Tuesdays on Walkersvillemom

Have you been following the news out of New Jersey?  I have, partly because I was born there (Camden, to be exact but we didn’t stay long), but mostly because of the possible implications of what’s happening.  We all know that law suits and state legislation can end up setting a precedent that everyone has … Continue reading


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