AWESOME! People with Down syndrome and the WWE

If people with Down syndrome ruled the world – “Wrestling would be very Big.” – Dennis McGuire, PhD
Adult Down Syndrome Center of Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois

My son, Joshua, would absolutely agree.

Josh at WWE SmackDown Josh at WWE SmackDown



He got to see SmackDown live a couple years ago and, as you can see from the photos, he was in 7th heaven. His smile is contagious.




Have you heard about or seen the new movie Peanut Butter Falcon?

The film tells a story about a young man who has Down syndrome, played by Zachary Gottsagen, and loves wrestling. In it Zack sneaks away from his group home hoping to make it to a wrestling school.  Two WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley and Jake “The Snake” Roberts appear in the film.


The film is available now on Amazon.





Mick Foley blogged about his experience.  Co-star Shia LaBoeuf has told reporters that Zack changed his life and made him “softer.”  Between the story line that any parent in our community could totally see happening – to the way Zack affected his co-stars, the movie seems like a must see.  

With the holidays coming up, I went shopping on the WWE website today.  I was looking at a t-shirt that I thought Josh might like.  I checked the comments, just in case, and found this:

It made me wonder how many more people with Down syndrome have this shirt. It certainly fits:

Black t-shirt with ID badge that says Hello I'm Awesome!



Let's get ready to rumble



I’ve created an interactive online “course” where super fans can socialize and share their favorite pastime.

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