Visiting The Trail Of Injustice #JusticeForEthan

From the archive: Originally posted May, 2013

Josh and I visited the places that hold answers to many questions within their walls.

Westview Cinema Westview Cinemas

First, the theater.   

This place holds many secrets.  Within its walls are the answers we seek.  How did an evening of recreation turn into something so sad?  The walls aren’t talking.

Frederick County Law Enforcement Center

Here is the “Law Enforcement Center” that houses both the Sheriff’s office and the Maryland State Police.

There are at least three people there, probably more, who know what we need to know.

They aren’t talking.

Then, there’s the Frederick County Courthouse.   Within these walls, we are expected to believe, that the truth was heard by a Grand Jury.

These walls know whether or not the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth was presented.

Frederick County Courthouse

Walls can’t talk, but people CAN.  The people who know are choosing to hide.  They present one side in secret and refuse to share their information with the people who deserve to know.  Ethan’s family DESERVES to know exactly what happened and why.

Balloon launch

Until they do, we will continue to fight!

We will do whatever we can to stand behind them.

From My Letter To The Editor:

We all need answers to questions like, how did his throat get crushed?
Why did the off-duty officers feel that Ethan was a threat?
How can we change things going forward?

Until these questions are answered in a comprehensive, believable way, we will persevere.  No matter how long it takes!

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