Advocacy After #ABLE


Advocacy After ABLE

Congratulations to all those who worked long and hard hours on getting the ABLE Act to a vote today.

Just in case anyone is looking for a new cause to champion – here’s a few ideas that could greatly impact adults with Down syndrome :

#RaceAndDownSyndrome – Investigate health disparities for people of color who have Down syndrome

#BackgroundChecks – Press for strict national guidelines for home health workers

#IndependentInvestigations – Change the process for in-custody deaths involving police

#EliminateWaitLists – Reduce the often years-long waits for disability services

#MoreChoices – Discourage loss of existing supports as a result of promoting inclusion

#Guardianship – Help train parents on available options to full guardianship

#IDDDentalCare – Create programs that address the dental health needs of adults with ID/DD

These are issues faced by people with Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities regardless of socioeconomic status.


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