#JusticeForEthan – Truth Seekers

From the Archive: Originally posted 9/19/13


George Washington

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.

George Washington

Debra Alfarone


The hunt for truth continues thanks to Debra Alfarone and WUSA9.  She has said that she tries to contact Governor O’Malley and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins for comment every week, and they don’t return her calls.  Yesterday, we saw just how far O’Malley will go to avoid her cameras and her questions.Sheriff Chuck Jenkins also avoids her queries and refused to go on camera with her when she traveled to Frederick to see him.

What exactly are they hiding from?

To me, it says a great deal that they refuse to answer questions.  Jenkins claims that the media is one-sided but how can they report the “other side” if the main participants refuse to speak?

“I personally don’t believe it’s necessary,” Jenkins said Friday. [April 12th] “I think there’s enough said about the Saylor case. I think when it all comes out, the public will have a full view of what happened in the theater.”

Jenkins claims that an independent investigation is not necessary.  So why won’t he answer the basic questions about how Ethan’s injuries occurred?  Why won’t he say whether his deputies that responded to the call knew Ethan?  There are many questions that he could answer to tell “the other side” but he won’t do it.  All he’ll say is that he stands by his officers and they “did nothing wrong.

O’Malley’s duck and cover


Governor O'Malley hides from reporters

Governor O’Malley’s security detail gives Debra Alfarone the brush off. Driving past her and her camera, going in the wrong driveway, and ultimately going underground.
It’s one thing to have the superior officer involved in the case not want to incriminate his employees.  It’s another for a political figure, one who hopes to run for President, to be seen as participating in a cover-up.  It may be that there is nothing to hide. There may be no cover-up.  Maybe we’re all falling prey to a conspiracy theory mentality.  BUT, when you go to great lengths to avoid the questions, it sends a message to those who are waiting to hear what you have to say.
Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.
Muhammad Ali
It’s my guess that O’Malley was hoping that creating the new Commission and choosing a genuine advocate (Tim Shriver) for the leader would silence the masses in regards to an independent investigation.  Thankfully, Debra Alfarone and WUSA9 didn’t fall for that.  Neither have I.  Neither has the Saylor family from what they’ve said in interviews.
“There’s no way we’re giving up just because somebody said no.”  
“I would never forgive myself if I gave up now.”
Emma Saylor

Don’t Fall For It


If Emma doesn’t want to give up, neither should we.THANK YOU Debra for continuing the fight for truth!

Governor O’Malley – You can run, but you can’t hide forever, especially if you want people to vote for you.  We may have started small, but we’re determined, and we are growing in numbers every day.  340,000 is now 347,879.  Our work is not done.  Neither is yours!



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