Celebrity Attention #JusticeForEthan

From the archive: Originally posted 4/10/13

Day 7 of “8 Days for Ethan”

Today Little Bird’s Dad has us reaching out to a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist in order to spread the word.

George Will happens to have an adult son who has Down syndrome.  We’re hoping he’ll help us create the “community tension” that the DOJ is looking for in order to get involved.

I sent my email today.  Little Bird’s Dad is asking that each of these letters be personal rather than a form letter.   Here’s one of the closing sentences from mine:

Help us make the public see that our children deserve respect and freedom to live within the community without fear of violence and/or death at the hands of those sworn to protect them.

If you’d like to join us and send a letter to Mr. Will asking for his support visit Little Bird’s Dad athttp://wp.me/p37gLn-uF


Also, I’ve created a Facebook cover photo to go along with the #Justice for Ethan purple profile picture.  It features Ethan – the rock star.   As we continue on this march, I think it’s important to remember that Ethan was so much more than his Ds label.  His name and the story of how he was killed is important to all of us living with Down syndrome but to the people who miss him the most, he had other labels that are more significant:  son, brother, nephew, grandson, rock-star, comedian, friend…

Justice For Ethan

Be sure to join us as we remember the life of Ethan during an online vigil.  It is scheduled for the day when it will be three months since he was taken from his family.



I’m also working on figuring out this Twitter thing… lol.   I have a new account under @Walkersvillemom   I’m learning on the fly in order to support the #JusticeForEthan plan.   If you’re a regular tweeter, please see this blog for how to get involved:



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