Today’s Joshism – Leftovers Galore!

From the archive: Originally posted 4/18/13

leftovers galore

Josh and I are “scheduly challenged.”

Ok, by that I mean we don’t keep to a schedule, of any kind.  We don’t even keep the same schedule between us.

So, when I fix his dinners, I usually put them in plastic containers in the frig so he can eat them whenever he wants.  He’s got the microwave down… mostly.

It’s amazing what a little independence can do, even when it comes to things like choosing when to eat or sleep. (Stuff most people take for granted or have dictated to them by work schedules, etc.

Anyway, I’ve learned NOT to put all the food in one container.  Getting some and putting the rest back didn’t catch on.   So, I break it down into “meal-sized” portions.

Today I walked in and thought I was living with Fred Flintstone!  Next lesson:   It’s not a game to see how many plates, containers you can fit on the table at one time!   Gez…..


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