Goin’ to Indy!

Well, today’s the day!  I’ve spent the past three days freaking out.  There’s nothing left but to do it.

I had to familiarize myself with the flying rules again.  I used to travel a good deal for my job but it’s been years since I’ve been on a plane.  Yes, I looked up the new liquid rules, how far ahead of time I had to be there, and how much luggage I’m allowed to take (that one hurt).

The Road We've SharedI got a few things together for our display table, including a handmade table drape and some literature.   I’ve worried over reservations, transportation, and details.   Do I have all my medicines?  Does Josh have his?  At this point I’m sure I’ve forgotten or missed something, but I won’t know until I get there.The Road We've Shared brochures

The hardest thing has got to be the thought of leaving Josh for five days.  Logically, I know it’s actually good for us to have some time alone, but that doesn’t make it any easier….

I am excited to be going!  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting some new ones for the first time since we only know each other online.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as much as I can.   If you’re in Indianapolis this weekend, please stop by table 18 in the exhibit hall and say hi!

I’m SO grateful to everyone who has helped make this trip possible!!!!!!

Next stop – the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Indianapolis, IN.  !

NDSC in Indianapolis



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