Thoroughly Josh Thursday – He is who he is – or wants to be!



One of the great things about Josh is that he isn’t afraid to be whoever he wants.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he’s just unaware of what other people think.   He’s said before – “I can’t wear that out – I’ll look like a dufus.”   Today, when we went to do his routine blood work, he felt like being “a rockstar.”   He makes friends wherever he goes, and the two ladies who are usually at the lab are no exception.   The receptionist sings to him “Joshua, Joshua….”  and today when she saw him she was obviously shocked.   He played his shy, uninterested self for a second, until she said “Where did you get all that hair?!”  lol..   He explained that “It’s a wig!  My hair is under here.”   She said, “You look like a rock star today.”   Without hesitation he said, “I know.”

I admire him for how comfortable he is with himself.


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