Happy Birthday Josh!

It’s officially Josh’s birthday!  Hard to believe he turns 26 today.   He’s always loved birthdays – his or anybody else’s.  Any excuse for him to wear a funny hat and sing.  If there was cake involved that was a plus.  Presents have never been that important to him, but he’s always extremely grateful for whatever he gets.  He can make you feel like you gave him the world even if it’s just a pair of socks.   As a matter of fact, one year when he was small, that’s what he asked Santa for.  He said he was having a “sock shortage.”   His little sayings like that have a way of sticking in our family’s vocabulary.  He finds a way of stealing the show whether it’s his day or not.  The consummate Rock Star!  Can’t wait to see how he performs today – and Saturday when we have his bowling birthday party!

Josh's first birthday
  Josh’s first birthday

Third birthday



Fifth birthdaySeventh birthday


From the archive:  Originally posted 1/22/13



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