Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's DayI don’t remember much about the day Josh was born, at least not all of the details like other mothers seem too.  What I do remember is the overwhelming sense that everything was going to be different once he was here, better.   I knew in my heart that he would be a boy.  I also knew that I would love him more than anything.

Now that he’s an adult, I still catch a glimpse of him sleeping every now and then and think to myself, “that’s my baby, I’m so lucky.”  I said that to him today, not the baby part, he’d be overly offended by that, but that I’m the luckiest person ever because I have THE BEST son.  After he thought about it, and let a sufficiently dramatic few moments go by he said, “Really?”  He always does that.  It makes me smile just to know that he gets me.  He’s teasing me, but at the same time he’s proud of himself.  A little while later I called his name.  He piped up with “I love you?” He knows what I’m going to say before I say it.  “Yes Josh, I love you.”   “I gotcha good!” he jokes, “Oh, and one more thing.”   “What’s that Josh?” I ask.  “Happy Mother’s Day.”

My face doesn’t do justice to the smile I feel in my heart.  My wish for everyone is that they have at least a moment today to feel as lucky and smile as big as I did.

“Thanks Josh.”  ❤


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