Z is for Zany – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh is Zany on Walkersvillemom

  Z is for Zany     The Mad Hatter’s got nothin’ on Josh!   He loves to find new, zany hats and accessories whenever we go shopping.   The past couple years he’s been hooked on multiple layers of gloves with the fingers cut out…. ???  

(A VERY biased) Opinion Piece on Police, Disability and #StandForEthan

Patti Saylor takes a #StandForEthan

Before I even start talking about the subject of this piece,  I want to make it clear that I am biased and I know it.  So critics – you can save your strength.  I am, emotional, a mother, and personally invested in this story. (That’s my son Joshua with his arm around Ethan) So, with … Continue reading

Y is for Yogi Bear – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh and Yogi on Walkersvillemom

  Y is for Yogi Bear     Josh may be “all grown up” as he says, but he still enjoys a good cartoon every now and then!   Disney animations are his favorite but he won’t turn up his nose at Spiderman , Tom & Jerry, Scooby-do, or SpongeBob.    

X is for Xtreme Dresser – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh is an Xtreme Dresser

  X is for Xtreme Dresser     No, he doesn’t do much of anything half-way, but if there is one thing about Josh that is Xtreme – it’s his sense of style.    

W is for Water Fun – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh has fun in the Water on Walkersvillemom

    W is for Water Fun     Who cares about wet clothes?  He had such a great time playing in the fountains at Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA.

V is for Vancouver – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh in Vancouver on Walkersvillemom

  V is for Vancouver     Josh and I rode on a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Vancouver (3 days one way) to present at the World Down Syndrome Congress convention.  He had his own poster session called “With a Little Help From My Friends” about his experience being included in a University course … Continue reading

U is for Uninhibited – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh is uninhibited on Walkersvillemom

  U is for Uninhibited     I don’t know about you, but I sure wish I could just have fun every day and not care 2 bits for what I look like doing it!    

T is for Tuxedo – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh in his Tux on Walkersvillemom

  T is for Tuxedo     That’s one “sharp dressed man” if I do say so myself.  This was taken on prom night.  He had three dates with him (yeah, one was me) and still manged to chase a girl from his guitar class all night……  

S is for Singing – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh enjoys singing on Walkersvillemom

  S is for Singing     This man always has a microphone in his hand!  Yeah, it might be hard to tell what words he’s singing, but he’s got the sound and timing down!  He’s also quick to critique other people:  “Mom, you’re a bad singer.”  Hmph….

R is for Rock Star – A to Z Blogging Challenge on Walkersvillemom

Josh is a Rock Star on Walkersvillemom

  R is for Rock Star     Was there any doubt?   This is another of Josh’s wigs…  As you can see, this trend started a LONG time ago.  His collection has grown since then and he probably has around 10 different “styles”.    


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