Everything Important I Learned on Sesame Street


Life Lessons from Sesame Street


Maybe it’s because of the A to Z Challenge prep I’ve been doing.

Maybe it’s because I’ve stumbled on two different bloggers today asking parents to stop judging each other.

Maybe it’s the joy Josh and I get on days like today when we watch videos featuring our favorite songs – re-done Muppet style.


All I know is that I find myself today asking – Can you tell me how to get (back) to Sesame Street?



Seriously.  I was three when Sesame Street first appeared. (yeah, I”m dating myself)  The lessons it taught me influence who I am and how I parent.  I learned lessons on everything from how to count in Spanish to how to accept myself, and others, for who they are.



For the questions I have today about why parents feel the need to second guess each other – Sesame Street has an answer for that too!



We could all learn a lesson or two from a Muppet.


(Okay….  I need a break from all this heavy thinking.   Just for fun, here’s my all time favorite Sesame Street song)




When in doubt – think WWBBD – What Would Big Bird Do?




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