Being Thankful for Hard Times

  With Thanksgiving just around the corner I’ve been thinking about the past year(s) and marveling at how far my family has come. Our story is not about overcoming disability. It’s about going the distance in the face of real-life, everyday hardships and being thankful for what we have. It’s about counting our blessings and […]

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Whose Goals?

      Sometime during the ‘90’s, while my son was in grade school, someone decided that he could not, and would not learn to read. No one ever said it explicitly, but with the benefit of hindsight, I know it to be true.   I came to this conclusion about a decade later while […]

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Finding The Right Job

  Josh:  “I want a real job – you know, in a band.”         Most of us experienced career day in elementary and middle school. As high school students, we typically worked with guidance counselors to determine our aptitude and desire for certain jobs. Most likely, we were steered into either an […]

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“My Dance Is My Prayers”

[Full disclosure: I have been compensated for writing this post.] We all have our own way of worship and prayer. Josh does too. Some people doubt that people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities can really have a relationship with God, but one summer day, Josh put my mind to rest. During a day […]

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