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Why Do I Care? #CountUsIn

The world we live in can be a scary place. Anyone who watches the news or spends any time on social media is inundated with stories about people who have ulterior motives. We’re socialized to mistrust, even when people are trying to do good. I get it. As a mother of a child who has … Continue reading

Josh in Toronto

Getting to know Josh – WWE, Heights, oh yeah, & Baseball

Originally posted 10/03/2013 Reposted in honor of Rowdy Roddy Piper In honor of Down syndrome Awareness month, allow me to further introduce Josh.  I’ve talked many times about his love of music, costumes, and all things “Rock Star,” but what else is there to know about Josh?  Plenty! While I was in graduate school in Toronto, Josh … Continue reading

Josh's 28th birthday

Bittersweet Birthday

How many of your birthdays do you remember in great detail? For me, it’s pretty much the biggies, 16 and 21, because of the privileges that came with them. Yet, as parents, we try to create THE perfect day every year for our kids. Today, my son Josh, celebrates his 28th birthday. He has expectations … Continue reading

On Being an Ally: Passing, Participating, and Pondering My Place

  For years, I may have been complicit in the act of “passing.”  My son’s skin is a beautiful tan in the summer, but for the most part, it could be described as “olive.”   His father has been out of the picture for most of his life, and my own flesh is pasty at best.  … Continue reading

Visiting The Trail Of Injustice #JusticeForEthan

From the archive: Originally posted May, 2013 Josh and I visited the places that hold answers to many questions within their walls.   First, the theater.    This place holds many secrets.  Within its walls are the answers we seek.  How did an evening of recreation turn into something so sad?  The walls aren’t talking. … Continue reading

Comply or die

It’s a “Pride” Issue – Erica Garner

  Last night, Erica Garner told Don Lemon on CNN that she didn’t really think the issue is race.  To her, it looked like the NYPD officer who killed her father wanted to prove he could take down a “big guy.” To me, it boils down to one fundamental conflict in our society.         … Continue reading

Advocacy After ABLE

Advocacy After #ABLE

  Congratulations to all those who worked long and hard hours on getting the ABLE Act to a vote today. Just in case anyone is looking for a new cause to champion – here’s a few ideas that could greatly impact adults with Down syndrome : #RaceAndDownSyndrome – Investigate health disparities for people of color … Continue reading

Victims of police violence

More Than One Lesson from Ferguson – Independent Investigations Needed

Michael Bell, 21 – Killed in Kenosha, WI  11/9/2004 Ethan Saylor, 26 – Killed in Frederick, MD 1/12/2013 Michael Brown, 18 – Killed in Ferguson, MO 8/9/2014   What do these three young men have in common?  At first glance, not much.  But all three were killed by someone who had taken an oath to … Continue reading

A Problem with “The Down syndrome” Narrative

In the Down syndrome (Ds) community, there are those who oppose awareness campaigns citing the “disability porn” problem.   The basic argument being that people with Ds are not always happy, cute, “angels” and they should not be used as instruments of inspiration. I agree – to a point.  I fully support the right of anyone … Continue reading


Confessions of a confused special needs parent

When a child has “special needs” he/she is not the only one who gets a label.  Suddenly, the parents are “special” too. You’re expected to be so many things: teacher, therapist, advocate… the list goes on and changes from day to day. “Special needs parent” can be a heavy identifier. One of the good things … Continue reading

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